Spumoni Photos

In Memory of Spumoni – My Cat

In Memory of Spumoni – April 1992 to May 2006 – Thank you for all the love and happiness that you brought into my life and the life of everyone you touched.  I could never ask for a better friend or companion and you gave me unconditional love.  May you rest in peace.

Spumoni Relaxing in the Sun

Spumoni Relaxing in the sun at the top of the stairs – February 14, 2006

Spumoni was adopted by me and my former girlfriend at the Animal Shelter in Alameda, CA in the Spring of 1992.  He was about 3 months old and a bundle of energy until he started to slow down at the age of 12.  Spumoni exhibited so many human qualities, so I treated him like my son.  He was very affectionate and playful, loved to snuggle for long periods of time and always ran to greet me at the door whenever I came home.  I am so happy to have had Spumoni in my life and all the joy that he brought on a daily basis.  It was Spumoni’s love and affection and constant companionship that got me through a lot of difficult times.

Spumoni and Tiger
Spumoni and Tiger snuggling in their usual position on the waterbed.

As someone who works primarily at home, Spumoni was my constant companion.  He would sit in my lap when I worked on the computer, or on the desk next to me.  He loved to be in the company of people and was more affectionate than any cat I have ever known.

These photos were taken on November 14, 2005.

Another one of their favorite snuggle positions.

Spumoni was always very friendly, especially to newcomers and he loved to jump in my lap or wrap himself around my shoulders.  He was animated, but not very vocal.  His understanding of English was truly amazing and he could even clearly say words like, “yes”, “no”, “me” and a few others when asked a question.  Every morning he would come to me when I would awake and snuggle with me and lay on my chest and purr.  At night he would stretch out next to me so I could hold him and fall asleep.  He loved to snuggle for hours at a time with my ex-wife Tanya, and the three of us would snuggle together and fall asleep sometimes.

Spumoni and Tiger
Spumoni making love to Tiger.

My wonderful son Spumoni was truly a member of the family and he will be missed every day for the rest of my life.  The most difficult moment in my life was holding him while he passed away after 4 days in the hospital on the morning of May 10, 2006.  I will cherish every day that he was with me, and I will keep the best memories of Spumoni until the end of time.