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Incline Village Real Estate | Home Buying in Lake Tahoe

We are neighbors, friends, and most importantly your partners. Let's make the best decision together.

Afterall, this is all about YOU.


We believe when people find "their place", they become more vibrant versions of themselves. Here at Inside Incline, we strive to help others not only find that but, FEEL that.

As Inside Incline agents, we are well versed in navigating the current market conditions and understanding the realities of the present moment. By deeply understanding our client's needs and working within the market constraints, we help buyers find a home that serves their needs best. 


We don't do "rose colored glasses". We like to keep it real because, we are real people who enjoy helping real people thrive in their real estate endeavors. 

If you would like to talk about finding your place, that home that lights you up, we would love to be your trusted real estate guide. Give us a call. 


Using real local knowledge and real estate expertise, our agents help you find

"your place".



Meet with your Inside Incline agent

Meet with your Inside Incline real estate expert and Sign a Buyer-Broker Agreement.

*This agreement explains how your agent will serve you and lays the groundwork for a successful, efficient home purchase.

Plan your search

Plan your search, tour properties, and select a home. When you want to make an offer, ask your lender for an approval letter that matches your offer price.

Agent lists your home

Your agent lists your home. Your property will be marketed on multiple social media platforms, in addition to signage, postcards, flyers, and representation in the MLS.

Write an offer

Write an offer with your agent. The seller may counter with different terms, accept or reject the offer. When your offer is accepted, your agent will open escrow and deposit your earnest money.

Perform inspections, Negotiate repairs

Perform Inspections, negotiate repairs through your agent, and review all documents and reports on the property. Your lender will arrange an appraisal, and forward documents to the escrow company.

Sign documents

Sign documents at the escrow office and hand off your down payment in the form of a cashier’s check.

Review signed documents and transfer

When complete, your lender will review signed documents and transfer funds to the seller. The sale is recorded through the county Recorder’s Office.

Keys to your own home

Your agent will hand-off the keys to your new home! Congratulations!


Thanks for submitting!

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