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Back To A Buyers Market, Incline Village Real Estate Update

It was an extraordinary week for new listing activity on the Incline Village real estate market. There were 23 new listings hitting the Incline Village MLS in the past 7 days. The asking prices ranged from just under $500,000 all the way up to $12 million. With the inversion of the interest rate for the two-year treasury bond versus the 10 year treasury bond many investors are concerned there will be a rocky road ahead for the US economy. With real estate prices at or near their historical highs many longtime property owners have decided now is the time to cash out.

With new listings outstripping properties going into escrow by a margin of 2 to 1, the inventory continues to climb during the summer of 2022. It has been a remarkable turnaround from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market in just the past couple of months. Many sellers wanted to enjoy their vacation homes during the 1st part of summer and then put them up for sale while there are still plenty of buyers beating the bushes.

Our pick of the letter this week among the new listings on the Incline Village real estate scene is #19 Tahoe Palisades. Situated near the top of Country Club Drive, this is arguably 1 of the finest properties in the entire complex. We can’t describe it any better than what the listing agent put in the Incline Village MLS. So, without further ado here is that beautifully described and detailed description of the property.

“You will not want to miss a wonderful opportunity to acquire this beautiful Tahoe mountain chalet style home. A wall of picture windows make the view a living artwork. Enjoy the breathtaking lake views from the comfort of your spacious living areas. A large deck provides a birds eye view of the spectacular Tahoe mountains, lakeviews, and gorgeous Tahoe Pines. Positioned just minutes from the heart of Incline Village's finest attributes where you will enjoy 3 private beaches, 2 pristine golf courses, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, dining, gaming, hiking, and biking.Brimming with lifestyle credentials, it's located a short distance to schools, shopping destinations, convenient access to Mt. Rose Highway for an approximate 45 minute drive to Reno.Designed to suit all occasions from entertaining guests, relaxing after a day at work, year round living or your dream vacation home.Daydreaming comes naturally in this place you could call home.Don't take my word for it, come and see for yourself!”

If you have any interest in owning a wonderful Lakeview property that sits on a promontory overlooking the beautiful scenery run don’t walk because this 1 will likely be gone fairly quickly.

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