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Embracing Autumn in Incline Village: Real Estate Market Update - Resilience Amidst Nature's Change

Incline Village and the larger Northern Nevada region have been graced with splendid weather and abundant sunshine. As we savor the warmth of Indian summer, with temperatures lingering in the pleasant 70s, it's becoming apparent that these golden days may be among the last we'll experience this year.

Over the past weekend, Incline Village hosted its beloved annual "Puppy Plunge" at Incline Ski Beach. This heartwarming event has become a cherished tradition in our community, celebrating our deep affection for our four-legged companions while also marking the transition into the off-season for dog access at Ski Beach. As the leaves begin their colorful transformation, there's a collective excitement in the air for the upcoming ski season, cozy evenings by the fireplace, and the simple pleasure of hot tea or a fine glass of wine. If you're ever afflicted by cabin fever, I encourage you to explore the newly renovated Incline Lodge. It's the perfect place to unwind with a refreshing cocktail, or perhaps two, following a long hike or bike ride. The inviting ambiance, along with the tasteful decor and furnishings, create an atmosphere that feels like you're visiting a dear friend's home. Incline Lodge is now open to the public, and we'll soon provide a comprehensive review of this delightful addition to our town's offerings.

In the realm of real estate, our local market continues to display a robust pattern of activity. This week saw the introduction of

8 new listings, 9 price reductions, 4 contingent listings, and 9 successful sales. Prices are softening as we enter into the fall and winter looms in the background. We’ve seen many seller’s come off of their asking prices in order to get a deal done before the snow sticks and buyers are paying attention. As we gradually transition into autumn with the specter of winter on the horizon, it's evident that prices are experiencing some softening, capturing the attention of both sellers and buyers alike.

Of note in our luxury real estate sector is the recent sale of 135 Selby Drive, a magnificent property that achieved a final sale price of $8,250,000. It's intriguing to observe that this property was initially listed at $11,450,000, marking a 38% price difference from its original list date of October 27, 2022.

Incline Village and its real estate landscape continue to radiate their unique charm as we embark on the autumn season. With a backdrop of shifting leaves and shifting real estate dynamics, our community remains a captivating destination for residents and prospective buyers alike.


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