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Incline Village Real Estate Market Update, July 5th 2023

The holiday weekend brought scorching temperatures and a vibrant influx of Fourth of July crowds to Incline Village and Crystal Bay. Thanks to the exceptional efforts of the Incline Village Community and Business Association (IVCBA), the Local Heroes activities were organized flawlessly, making this year's festivities feel like a throwback to the lively celebrations before the pandemic.

The sight of familiar faces, friends, and valued clients from near and far coming together to celebrate with us warmed our hearts. It was a joyous occasion that truly captured the spirit of community. Have you ever seen a more patriotic town?

Amidst the holiday excitement, the real estate market in Incline Village and Crystal Bay witnessed a surge of new listings hitting the MLS just ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. Notably, many of these listings emerged from higher elevation neighborhoods, with three eye-catching properties in the Upper Tyner neighborhood. This influx of listings might be attributed to the lingering effects of the harsh winter and record-breaking snowfall we experienced.

However, it's the lower elevation homes in Mill Creek and Lakeview Subdivisions that truly steal the spotlight. These exceptional listings offer the allure of convenient access to the lake and breathtaking craftsmanship, captivating both residents and prospective buyers alike.

As the summer season heats up, the real estate market in Incline Village and Crystal Bay is buzzing with activity. Whether you're a current resident looking to upgrade or a potential homeowner seeking to immerse yourself in the beauty of this remarkable community, now is the time to explore the extraordinary opportunities available.

Overall, the market activity remains steady with 22 New Listings, 11 Contingent Listings, 7 Price Reductions, and 10 Sales. Throughout the week, we again witnessed notable closings and price reductions across the real estate market, with a particular emphasis on Lakefront homes and townhomes.

With an abundance of new listings hitting the market and the vibrant energy surrounding the Fourth of July festivities still lingering, it's the perfect moment to seize the chance to find your dream home in this picturesque corner of the world.

Keep a close eye on the local real estate scene as the summer unfolds, as the market promises exciting prospects and the potential to discover your very own slice of paradise in Incline Village and Crystal Bay. The summer sizzle is just beginning, and there's no better time to dive into the thriving real estate market of our beloved community.


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