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Incline Village Real Estate : Third Quarter Market Report

There are so many things about 2020 that have been extraordinary and the Incline Village real estate market is one of them. After starting out the year at a modest pace and then seeing the market freeze up in late March, sales have really rocketed the past six months. The third quarter alone was astonishing with nearly 270 properties closing escrow during the past three months. (Please note: this article is about sales through September 30, 2020 but the stats chart is based on data through October 4th, hence the slight difference in total year to date sales).

To put things in perspective, during the first three quarters of 2020 there have been a total of 426 properties changing hands to new owners compared with 296 for the exact same timeframe last year. Sales of all property types and all price ranges continue to move along at a solid pace. Even the smoke from the fires in California the past six weeks has not deterred many buyers from purchasing properties at Lake Tahoe.

The single-family homes selling in 2020 In Incline Village and Crystal Bay have ranged from $625,000 all the way up to $27.5 million for a two-parcel estate on Lakeshore Boulevard. Super luxury buyers have led the way with 13 properties selling in excess of $5 million this year. There have been 40 houses with sale prices between $2 million and $5 million in just the third quarter alone!

Of the 134 single-family homes that closed escrow during the third quarter 55 of them had selling prices in excess of $2 million. That is a disproportionately large number relative to historical patterns. What this tells us is that the most affluent among us are voting with their dollars and the Nevada side of North Lake Tahoe is getting a lot of positive votes.

A significant percentage of buyers this year are relocating permanently from urban areas to the Lake Tahoe basin. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact over the long term for the local economy. Full time residents generally feel a greater sense of responsibility and pride of ownership than part-time visitors and tourists. Maybe we will see some entrepreneurship springing forth from the new arrivals that will have positive impacts on both the environment and the economy.

With inventory levels still extraordinarily low it appears that there will be upward pressure on prices in the foreseeable future. Even if the inventory were to double overnight it would not be sufficient to satisfy demand during the coming year. Without any rain or snow in sight, we anticipate a steady stream of buyers will make their way to Lake Tahoe this autumn. While there have been innumerable negative consequences from the coronavirus pandemic, one bright spot in 2020 has been the Incline Village real estate market.

Weekly Real Estate Update

Statistics gathered from the Incline Village MLS on 10/4/2020

Houses Condos PUDs

For Sale 58 22 11

Under $1 million 5 18 7

Median Price For Sale $2,880,000 $679,000 $929,500

YTD Sales 2020 192 182 62

YTD Sales 2019 129 131 45

New Listings 17

In Escrow 17

Closed Escrow 25

Range in Escrow $389,000 - $3,850,000

These statistics are based on information from the Incline Village Board of REALTORS® or its Multiple Listing Service as of October 4, 2020

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