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Snowy Start to 2023, Incline Village Real Estate Market Update January 9. 2023

It was a wild week for Mother Nature and a relatively calm week for the Incline Village real estate market. The Lake Tahoe region was pummeled by rain, snow, and hurricane force winds that remind us of the epic winter of 1982 – 83. That was an incredible year where the snow kept piling up and many of us went skiing at Alpine Meadows on the 4th of July. While it’s great to see all of this precipitation after so many drought years in the past 2 decades, it would be nice if it was spread out over a couple of months.

Diving into the action of the Incline Village real estate market we find 3 new listings, two price reductions, two properties going into escrow and two places closing escrow. The nicely updated condo at 998 Driver – #8 Pine Creek received a hefty price reduction of $150,000. The new asking price of $1.1 million puts this well situated 2 bedroom, 2 bath, nearly 1500 square-foot condo at the top of our list.

This particular end unit is in a sweet location overlooking open space and a year round creek. Upgrades include new roof, siding, appliances and tankless water heater to name just a few. There is even a private electric car charger in the carport area for your charging pleasure. The location puts you in a great spot close to Country Club Drive with quick access to both the center of town or in the opposite direction the Mount Rose Highway.

During breaks in the storms we were out showing property last week. If you are on the roads during this current storm cycle, please be especially careful as you drive up and down the mountainside. Road conditions are very changeable and you don’t want to find yourself in an uncontrolled slide.

The same goes for being on the ski slopes at the local resorts. While the fresh snow is enticing, the snow quality is extremely changeable between the upper and lower elevations at the resorts. Also, you are likely to run into big crowds both in the lift lines and on the runs.

Skiing is kind of like driving on the freeway except that there are no lane markers, no one has a turn signal, everyone is going a different speed and nobody has a rearview mirror. In other words, it’s incredibly dangerous out there when the slopes are crowded. Please we implore you, never stop in the middle of a run (always stop well off to the side), look uphill before starting downhill and above all stay on runs within your ability. We want to see you in the lodge enjoying a drink, not on the Ski Patrol sled being carted off the mountain.

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