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As Crypto Crashes, Let's Talk About Lake Tahoe Real Estate Investment

Incline Village real estate seems like a bastion of stability relative to the stock market and especially that speculative investment vehicle known as crypto currency. We personally don’t like the phrase “crypto currency” as for the most part it’s really not a currency at all. While there have been numerous attempts in the crypto world to create a digital currency, the vast majority are nothing more than a speculative form of investment.

One of our core beliefs is that Incline Village real estate is a solid long-term investment. Along those lines it is to be considered a store of wealth. Unlike crypto, it has intrinsic value not just perceived value. Also, there is a finite supply whereas there can be an infinite number of crypto instruments as long as there are electrons in the universe.

Incline Village real estate will have its ups and downs over the decades like real estate everywhere. But the long-term trend will always be in the upward direction for 2 reasons. First of all, as previously mentioned there is a finite supply of available land and existing properties in our community. Secondly, the population of planet Earth continues to increase thereby ensuring that demand will outstrip supply over the long-term. Unless some enormous catastrophe were to befall the Lake Tahoe area, real estate here is a good store of wealth for the long haul.

We do believe that the block chain technology that is the foundation of Bitcoin and other crypto instruments is of great value. It can be utilized by business and industry along with applications for non fungible tokens and other new technological creations. There will be many uses for block chain technology as the future unfolds especially in the world of real estate. It’s already starting to be used by title and escrow companies to minimize fraud and provide for more secure transactions. That’s something that can benefit all of us in the real estate world over the long term.

Taking a quick look at the Incline Village real estate market for last week, there were 13 new listings, 14 price changes and 6 properties going into escrow along with 9 places closing escrow. We saw action across all price ranges from budget condos up to super luxury homes. The combination of 13 new listings and 14 price changes relative to 6 properties going into escrow is further evidence of a shift towards a buyer’s market. Prices are not imploding like they have for Bitcoin and some overpriced equities recently. But, the upsurge in local real estate prices of the past several years is taking a long overdue pause.

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