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Incline Village & Crystal Bay Real Estate Market, December Snapshot

Diamond Peak Opening Day Incline Village

With the ski resorts in full swing and our mountains adorned in a snowy embrace, Incline Village and Crystal Bay are donning their festive attire. As the community indulges in holiday cheer, Christmas parties, and the warmth of family gatherings, the real estate market, like the winter landscape, seems to have taken a gentle pause.

Amid this holiday whirlwind, the December real estate market in Incline Village and Crystal Bay has exhibited a subtle tranquility. The recent week saw a modest rhythm with 3 new listings, 11 price reductions, 5 contingent listings, and 3 successful sales—a testament to the seasonal cadence.

One property that caught our eye this week is 987 Wander Way—a gem in the Apollo Subdivision. Priced at $2,900,000, this home boasts expansive lake views, a convenient level entry, and a thoughtfully designed floor plan. Nestled higher in elevation, it offers the allure of southern exposure and seamless trail access for hiking and biking, right from your backyard.

In a somewhat clandestine dance of real estate, a notable off-market sale unfolded at 144 Village Blvd, Unit #45—a rare 3-bedroom McCloud residence. Commanding an impressive $1,598,000, it marks one of the highest-priced 3-bedroom sales in McCloud. The demand for McCloud properties persists, with a watchful eye on how recent HOA matters might influence the community's value dynamics.

As the weeks unfold, a growing number of price reductions on homes have become a recurring theme. Despite being seemingly well-priced, with recent renovations or captivating views, some properties linger on the market. It sparks contemplation about sellers' intentions—whether they are eager to finalize deals before the onset of winter's full embrace, or if the market is signaling the need for strategic price adjustments to facilitate year-end sales.

Approaching the year's end, the real estate scene in Incline Village and Crystal Bay unfolds as a distinctive canvas. Here, property listings, price tweaks, and successful deals choreograph a nuanced portrayal of our community, seamlessly blending the festive spirit with real estate dreams. Amid the seasonal celebrations, there's a subtle murmur of winter winds through the pines. And just as the landscape promises hidden delights, so does our real estate market, hinting at captivating developments in the months to come. Perhaps, as folks endure the traffic for a coveted parking spot at the ski resort, the idea of finding the perfect home becomes an equally enticing pursuit for active buyers—an intriguing dance between the thrill of the slopes and the warmth of a dreamy mountain home. 


Incline Village Real Estate Market Update December 13, 2023

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