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Incline Village Real Estate Market Update, October 11.2023

As the first hints of winter grace our mountaintops and the foliage sports its vibrant fall attire, we are reminded of the unique beauty of Lake Tahoe and the changing seasons that characterize our beloved community. With the transition from autumn to winter on the horizon, we wonder how this shift will influence our local real estate market, which has seen remarkable transformations in recent times. During the COVID era, our real estate market evolved from being seasonal to a year-round phenomenon. As winter approaches, we eagerly anticipate whether the market will maintain its momentum or if Buyers and Sellers will consider taking a hiatus.

In recent developments, we've witnessed the introduction of 8 new listings, 9 price reductions, 2 contingent listings, and 8 successful sales. These figures paint a dynamic picture of our local real estate landscape as we navigate the changing seasons and evolving market conditions.

Among the noteworthy new listings, one property that stands out is 591 N Dyer Circle, currently listed at $3,400,000. This exquisite home, constructed in 1999, showcases the timeless allure of mountain modern architecture. Situated in The Woods subdivision, this residence boasts a captivating blend of natural elements, luxurious textures, and contemporary design, all enveloped in the cozy embrace of a mountain cottage. For those exploring the real estate market, this property is a must-see, epitomizing the essence of Lake Tahoe living.

Luxury properties continue to make waves in Incline Village, exemplified by the recent sale of 830 Tyner Way at an impressive $9,000,000. This meticulously remodeled home offers unparalleled vistas of Lake Tahoe from every floor. What sets this property apart on the Tyner highway is its panoramic views and a terraced yard that is not only visually stunning but also perfect for hosting gatherings and entertaining friends and family.

Another listing, also priced at $9,000,000, is the pending sale of 567 Alden. This property has been thoughtfully remodeled and impeccably appointed, presenting breathtaking lake views and a warm, inviting mountain ambiance.

As we embrace autumn's beauty and anticipate the approaching winter, the Incline Village and Crystal Bay real estate market continues to captivate with its diverse offerings. The changing seasons may bring new challenges, but they also herald fresh opportunities for those seeking their dream home in our stunning Lake Tahoe community.


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