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Low Snow Season, Early Start To Springtime Adventures.

This week’s Incline Village real estate blog is focused on springtime recreational activities. The snowpack is hovering around 35% of normal so the ski areas are closing early this year. We might get a little bit of snow during the coming week. But it won’t be enough to stretch out the ski season significantly.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort is already closed for the season. This is one of the earliest closing dates in recent memory. The other Lake Tahoe ski areas will likely be closing on or after Easter weekend although there is a chance that Heavenly Valley and Tahoe Palisades (aka Squaw / Alpine) might hang on a little longer.

It’s time to start dusting off the mountain bikes if you have not already done so. There is little to no snow on the south and west facing slopes below 7500 feet. We just checked with our friends at Mammoth Lakes and when you drive into town the ground is bare. The unusually warm sunny days the past couple of weeks have accelerated the melting of the snowpack.

For hiking enthusiasts, you will be able to get an early start on the season. We are already seeing a significant increase in the foot traffic on Tunnel Creek. It’s only a matter of time before more people start hitting the Tahoe Rim Trail on the east shore. Please remember that mountain bikes are restricted or only allowed on certain days on most sections of the Tahoe Rim Trail in an effort to prevent excessive erosion.

While the creeks are flowing nicely now, we anticipate that most of them will start to dry up in mid-June or early July. Please make sure you take lots of water when hiking in the Sierras this summer. It’s likely that water sources will be few and far between after the Fourth of July holiday. Remember to purify water that you get from creeks and lakes in the backcountry. While the water may look pristine it can be contaminated with giardia or other things that can make you ill.

If you are doing the hike from the Mount Rose Highway Summit Parking Lot there is a little detour you can do on the first uphill pitch. Before you get to the split that takes you up to Tamarack Peak you can walk about 50 yards to the right up to the small ridge. This will provide you with a spectacular view looking directly at the face of Mount Rose. It’s a nice place to take a short break and enjoy the dramatic scenery.

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